Interested in Information Literacy?

Well.. I`m not going to turn this blog into a reading list, but I`m currently reading Birgitta Hansson and Anna Lyngfelts “Pedagogiskt arbete i teori och praktik: Om bibliotekens roll för studenters og doktoranders lärande” (in swedish). I`ve read quite a few books and papers on this subject lately, but these authors cover a range of subjects that I really find useful and enjoyable.

I especially found the chapter on whether information literacy is a transferable skill or not useful. The authors discuss the different perspectives on information literacy and describe three different ways of seeing IL: the behaviouristic approach, the phenomenographic approach and the sociocultural approach. Then they illustrate these three perspectives through the analyse of three different texts on IL and summarise the findings in a table. Very interesting for those of us who teach information literacy in higher education.

A practical guide to information literacy assessment for academic librarians

I`m currently reading A Practical guide to information literacy assessment for academic librarians by C. Radcliff. My master thesis is progressing (very slowly, I`m afraid) and I`ll use this book when writing about assessment. I`ve read some articles about the subjects as well, but none of them have given me such a practical approach.

The book starts with general assessment concepts before moving on to assessment tools. The authors look at techniques like interviewing and focus groups, but also how to assess portfolios, concept maps and knowledge tests before moving on to how to analyse the data.

All in all, a book I would highly recommend to anyone interested in information literacy education.