Interested in Information Literacy?

Well.. I`m not going to turn this blog into a reading list, but I`m currently reading Birgitta Hansson and Anna Lyngfelts “Pedagogiskt arbete i teori och praktik: Om bibliotekens roll för studenters og doktoranders lärande” (in swedish). I`ve read quite a few books and papers on this subject lately, but these authors cover a range of subjects that I really find useful and enjoyable.

I especially found the chapter on whether information literacy is a transferable skill or not useful. The authors discuss the different perspectives on information literacy and describe three different ways of seeing IL: the behaviouristic approach, the phenomenographic approach and the sociocultural approach. Then they illustrate these three perspectives through the analyse of three different texts on IL and summarise the findings in a table. Very interesting for those of us who teach information literacy in higher education.

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