Library websites

This spring, I browsed the websites of all the public college libraries in Norway. I wish I could say that I felt inspired after this, but it was rather depressing. Some had news based pages like us, others had more static websites. The reason for this exercise was to get ideas for our own website. I`m afraid I got none.

The problem is that a library website in most cases must share design (and basic layout) with the institution they serve. And I would guess that in most cases, the mother institution choose design and tools without consulting the library about their needs first. Other reasons why the library websites are neglected can be that the librarians in charge of them have either too little time to manage them or no web design training, or that we know little about what needs our patrons have when it comes to our websites.

This fall, I hope to restructure and to some degree redesign the GUC library website. I`ll look at some statistics to get an idea on how our patrons use our website. My goal is to emphasize our most important pages and to get a more logic structure. This is no small task, but fortunately we have a very enthusiastic web commitee at GUC and I`ll ask their advice at our next meeting. I can`t wait to start working on this! And I really hope that the GUC library website will be a good example to others when I`m done. I`ll keep you posted on the developments.