Information literacy project for radiography students

Aaaahh.. a new semester has started and the students have arrived with their sharpened pencils and their brand new computers in hand. I always love it when the students leave for their summer vacation, but I love it even more when they come back!

This fall, as part of my master thesis, I will conduct a small experiment. Every year I teach information literacy to students from all faculties and even though the number of classes I give increases every year, I haven`t been able to track any real effect from this. That`s why I figured: There has got to be a better way to do this! The department for radiography graciously volunteered to be part of my experiment. I`ll “borrow” seven of their students for lessons over seven weeks in October and November, as I will follow them though an entire module. Today, I met these students for the first time. I informed the class about the experiment and there were so many volunteers to join the experiment that I had to just pick some names from the class list. I hope that this is a good omen.. and that their eagerness will last.

After the information was given, the entire class took a small test that I had made in advance. I`ve briefly looked through them now, and I think that the outcomes can help me plan further lectures for these students. I`ll report the findings later.

I`ve put up a website that I`ll use for the students and I`ll report some findings here on the blog as the experiment moves on.

RFID in the library

This summer, a major project has taken place in the library. We have been planning it for almost a year and we can finally say: It`s done! I`m talking about RFID. The technology is quite old, but has been adopted to libraries the last few years. More and more libraries are now in the process of conversion.
In every document there is a chip that contains the information about the document. This makes it easier for us to maintain order on the shelves, but more importantly, it makes it easier to check in and out books. Once we get our new check-out stations, our patrons will be able to check in and out all our documents, and several at the time. We hope that this will result in a better service to our patrons. We`ll demonstrate how it`s done later, but if you want to check it out you can watch this video