Information literacy project for radiography students

Aaaahh.. a new semester has started and the students have arrived with their sharpened pencils and their brand new computers in hand. I always love it when the students leave for their summer vacation, but I love it even more when they come back!

This fall, as part of my master thesis, I will conduct a small experiment. Every year I teach information literacy to students from all faculties and even though the number of classes I give increases every year, I haven`t been able to track any real effect from this. That`s why I figured: There has got to be a better way to do this! The department for radiography graciously volunteered to be part of my experiment. I`ll “borrow” seven of their students for lessons over seven weeks in October and November, as I will follow them though an entire module. Today, I met these students for the first time. I informed the class about the experiment and there were so many volunteers to join the experiment that I had to just pick some names from the class list. I hope that this is a good omen.. and that their eagerness will last.

After the information was given, the entire class took a small test that I had made in advance. I`ve briefly looked through them now, and I think that the outcomes can help me plan further lectures for these students. I`ll report the findings later.

I`ve put up a website that I`ll use for the students and I`ll report some findings here on the blog as the experiment moves on.

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