Timing is king!

I`ve been teaching information literacy here for five years now. And every year I learn something new, get discouraged sometimes and feel uplifted other times. Somethings never change, though. Every fall I get invited to hold courses at the wrong time. I`m not talking about it being out of office hours or that I have no room on my schedule. I`m talking about trying to teach information literacy to students in the wrong setting. We only learn what we are motivated to learn, and we are only motivated to learn what seems relevant at the time. Right? That`s why we should aim at giving the students the right information at the time when it feels relevant to them. There is no point in teaching students how to search databases if they don`t have an appropriate assignment at the time. “This will be of use to you later” is not good enough.
I get a little discouraged every time my course is simply put into a free space in the schedule without thought of when it would be best for the students` learning process. And I get equally encouraged when teachers come to me and want to integrate my course in their own courses. That`s why I find the experiment for my master thesis so interesting. It gives me a chance to test my theories. To be continued..

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