Internet Librarian International (ILI), Oct. 14.-15. 2010

(For those of you who read Norwegian and want to read a longer report from ILI, please visit my Norwegian blog).

Cathrine, one of my colleagues, and I were lucky enough to be able to attend Internet Librarian Internation in London last week. This is becoming the conference that Norwegian librarians see as “a must” now, and the number of Norwegians and other Scandinavians attending proves this.

This year, I found that everyone was talking about value. It mirrors that most of the world is still suffering from the aftermaths of the credit crunch and that UK libraries now face massive cuts. The theme overall was therefore how to maximise the use of electronic resourses and how to measure success and value. The second major point was the situation of e-books and what it means for our profession. Will we become redundant when the printed materials start to disappear in favour of the e-resources? Are we to concerned with labels? Is it all in the name? Will there be room for librarians also in the future, or will there only be information specialists? What`s the difference? These and many more questions were raised.

We used the hashtag ILI2010 on Twitter, and so many participated that we became “trending topic” on Twitter.. to the disappointment on some users who wondered what ILI2010 was. I remember one saying: “Turns out it`s just some librarians conference. How boring is that??” Haha.. the stereotypes live on.

Anyway.. a pretty good conference with something good and something really, really bad. The way it always is. Got some good tips on new technology and tools that we`ve started to test now. Now if only the hotel could provide a better, more stable wifi connection next year… “Internet” librarian indeed..

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