Evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been linked with medicine for a long time, and if you look at the wikipedia page, you`d get the impression that EBP only exists within the health sector. But that has changed the last few years. More and more professions are now adopting this way of thinking and working. Librarians use the term Evidence-based librarianship (EBL). The idea is, simply put, to gather information about how the users/patrons work and use the library services and combine this information with our experiences as librarians and again with the theoretical frameworks and other theoretical knowledge that exist. No small task, but very important in order to put together the best possible library services solutions for our patrons.

As part of this work we are in the middle of several independent projects now. My project is to follow a class of radiography students through an entire module and give them lectures and follow-ups through seven weeks this fall. This experiment will give me important data on how the students work on their assignments and how we can facilitate their work and what they need.

Cathrine is doing a major traffic study of library patrons. She started the count this fall and every other week (different weekdays) she`ll walk around the library to register how many students use the different zones of the library and what they are doing. We hope that this study will give us the information we need to give students a better work environment at the library and a better library experience.

We have just e-mailed a questionnaire to our students and staff and we hope that as many as possible will answer it. We really want to improve our services to you and we need your feedback. EBL in practice!

Have a great weekend:-)

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