Testing my new Mac

I`ve always had PC`s, so entering into the Apple world feels a bit weird. Well.. I`m not a total beginner. I have an iPod, an iPhone and an iPad at home. So, when my HP laptop suddenly desided it was time to die a couple of months ago (without warning of course), I thought it was time I took the leap and got a Mac. It`s time I got bilingual, so to speak. I`ll still have my Dell computer at work, so I`m not completely lost if this turns out to be a mistake..

Anyway.. a few initial thoughts after 3 days in Apple land..

I love:

  • The keyboard
  • The navigation
  • The screen (I know, I know..)
  • The PhotoBooth program. I know it`s a bit shallow, but it`s just fun!
  • That it`s fast
  • That it`s “on” as soon as I open it up. No waiting.
  • No restart all the time

I`m not so crazy about:

  • That there seems to be no way to force shut down of a program that`s stuck
  • That it makes a lot of noise when I put in a DVD
  • The apple key on the keyboard. It`s just not as easy using apple-key + C as Ctrl+C

Well… early days. I`m sure I`ll encounter more pro`s and con`s along this way.

2 thoughts on “Testing my new Mac

  1. Rurik Thomas Greenall says:

    alt-cmd-esc brings up the kill applications dialogue (you can ctrl-click on the app in dock, or use ps -ef to get process numbers and then kill them manually in terminal).

    To stop the noise when you put in a dvd — stop putting dvds in (wow, stone age! :D)

    Use your thumb on the cmd/apple key 🙂 It seems easier to me, mind you it is a bit stupid to keep the apple key since all of the UNIX stuff on a Mac has ctrl as the default meta key…

    Another tip: fn-delete does backspace, cmd-arrow does page-up/down or right/left lineends 🙂

    See http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1343

    Personal favourite: alt-. [i.e. full stop/period] 🙂 great for twitter

    Also, never, never press ctrl-alt-cmd-eject…unless your boss comes in 😀 just save your documents first 😉


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