My master thesis presentation

image of checklistLast Friday, I attended my last master thesis seminar at Oslo University College(OUC). We were nine students presenting our theses to other students and teachers at OUC. My presentation (ppt) can be viewed here. The topics presented varied from Information Literacy and pedagogical approaches to exhibitions in libraries and library architecture. A variety of methods and assessment methods were presented and I can`t wait to take a closer look at some of the theses when they are published. I`m particularly looking forward to Ellen Hermanruds thesis about creating a learning space/learning arena and Marte Ericsson Rystes thesis about the political processes behind the research documentation system, Cristin.

Tord Høivik gave me a thorough introduction from his blog. Thanks! Lars Egeland summed up many of the presentations on his excellent blog.

Well.. the thesis is due in a couple of days and then the nerve strain of two months wait before the results are published can begin.

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