Staff seminar 2011

Every year the staff at GUC goes away on seminar. This year, we are gathered in Trysil. The second day is now moving towards the end, just the usual information session left. It has been a good seminar. As usual, there are people who really know how to connect with the audience and there are those who either misunderstand their tasks or misjudge the audience. This year, I found day 1 (yesterday) very inspiring. Every speaker had something interesting to say. I particularly have to mention Helle H. Hein from Copenhagen Business School. She talked about her studies on communication between people in different professions, like nurses and doctors. She had, based on observations and interviews, made four archetypes;  The Primadonnas, The performance chaser, The Pragmatist and the PayCheck driven (don`t know if I got the translation from Danish completely right, but..) It was an engaging and interesting session that led to discussions during the afternoon. I look forward to reading more of her stuff.

Other points worth mentioning from day 1: Klaus Jøran`s thoughts about GUC culture, Simon McCallums thoughts on motivating students and to dare make changes (link to Prezi presentation to come), and the discussions we had on things that work and things that don`t work  regarding innovation and creative  thinking at GUC. We had a good discussion in our group and I found myself thinking about it later in the evening as well.

Day two has been a little more challenging to follow. The first lecture was about the progress and process of the merger between the three colleges. If I`m to be completely honest, this was not what I had hoped. There was little new to be heard and my impression is that there are still no real progress in location discussion and that there are too many things that have not been decided on. This process has taken years, and I feel that there is now an undue rush to get everything in place. I wish this could have been started earlier on to avoid being rushed into decisions that may not be as good as they might have been.

The group discussions continued today and we had a productive session (and some laughs). After lunch we were talking about the results from the group discussions where the task had been to take one challenge from yesterday and make it worse (something called the anti-problem) just to illustrate the problem. Many creative problems were presented.

We`ve just been presented with the results from the survey on how the staff thrive at work. We seem to be more enthusiastic about our work place than two years ago. We have a general high score on most issues. The things that we can work on is leadership, open communication and a reasonable workload for each member of staff.

Now, information on the coming semesterstart.

Thank you everyone for interesting talks and inspiring thoughs.

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