Embedded librarianship

Bilde av bøkene jeg skal lese The pile of books that I should have read is now on the verge of toppling over. There hasn`t been much time for reading up on academic texts lately. And the books all seem so interesting that I have not the heart to return them unread either.

But today I got started on “Embedded librarians: moving beyond one-shot instruction” and it is very promising. This is a subject that is of great interest to me, and on one of the first pages I came across this defintion:

[Embedded librarianship involves]“… focusing on the needs of one or more specific groups, building relationships with these groups, developing a deep understanding of their work, and providing information services that are highly customized and targeted to their greatest needs. It involves shifting the model from transactional to high trust, close collaboration, and shared responsibility of outcomes. In order for an embedded librarian to achieve these goals, there must also be some long term planning between the customer and the librarian”  (Brower 2011, p. 3)

This is a pretty tall order for any academic librarian in a small academic library like ours, but I do think the principles should be followed. I look forward to the rest of the book – and the rest on my reading list.

Brower, M. (2011). A Recent History of Embedded Librarianship: Collaboration and Partnership Building with Academics in Learning and Research Environments In: Kvenild, C. and Calkins, K. (2011) Embedded librarians: Moving beyond one-shot instruction. Chicago : Association of College and Research Libraries