A new semester

Keep calm.. I`m a librarianYesterday, we welcomed approx. 1200 new students here at GUC. There have never been more new students here.

I was thrilled to see all the new students walking around on campus in tow behind their helpmates. The sight of them invoked memories of my own first semester start at Oslo University College. Being one of the (then) 9000 students there, trying to find everything from classrooms to cafeterias, trying not to look as lost as I really felt. At the same time it was a great feeling to be one of many, the anonymity of the masses (an unknown “luxury” when you`re from a small town) and the feeling that nothing is impossible and the future is bright.

I am excited to be a part of this culture, and to be a part (how ever small) in these students` lives.

And remember: “Keep calm” — there is usually a librarian around to help you.




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