RIP Google Reader

facepalm girl


This morning, while reaching for my tea and trying to keep my eyes open, I opened my Google Reader as I do on most mornings. This rutine of starting the day with my news and blog updates have been part of my life for the last five or six years. I cannot believe it has not been longer, for I can`t remember how I discovered interesting journal articles, blog posts etc. before Google Reader (and Twitter). Therefore, I had a facepalm moment this morning when I read that Google is using the axe on its Reader, and that it will no longer be available after July 1st. Nooooooo! Now, of course I am aware that there are plenty of other readers out there and that there really is no reason to sulk, but I liked Google Reader! I liked that it was accesible with my Google account (very important!), and I liked the simple interface of it. And now I have to find another..*deep sigh*

Maybe it`s a sign that I`m getting old when I want applications that work to continue working, but to me it makes no sense to discontinue a service that is used and liked. If Google wanted to discontinue something, they could have a look at Google+ (only thing great about that is “Hangouts”).

Read more about Google Reader alternatives on Mashables:

R.I.P. Google Reader.

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