On my reading list

Books in a pileIt`s been quite a semester with lots, lots, lots to do. Being one short on the staff side makes a lot of difference, of course, and I have been running around the place even more than before, but now that we are expecting our replacement (new librarian arrives on Monday – yay!) I hope that I`ll get a chance to blog more (haven`t been blogging here since August – weird) and to catch up on my reading. I have been reading some very interesting articles on faculty-library collaboration, and I would like to recommend Li Wang`s (2011) article on team-teaching (and more). I found it very useful. Monroe-Gulic, O`Brian and White`s (2013) article on librarians as research partners is also worth the time.

I have so many interesting things on my reading list now, and I really want to get started soon. I am particularly looking forward to Ragains (2013), Pickard and Childs (2013), Bradley (2013) and Markless and Streatfield (2013). There are so many things going on in the profession, and I find it a little hard to stay on top of things, but by choosing teaching as my main area of interest it gets a little easier.

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