Research projects

research booksI am sorry to say that I hardly know any librarians here in Norway who have dedicated research hours. Most of the few who do are enrolled in PhD or similar programs. Even in “University Librarian” positions there is no rule as to being able to do research work within office hours. I have been very lucky here to have a manager who encourages me to do research projects and to write about them. Of course, I often use my non-office hours, too (otherwise I wouldn`t be able to get anything else done at work), but I wish that these research activities were seen as something more than an activity that we add on top of everything else. I wish that engaging in more research were regarded as a necessary and interesting part of any academic librarian position. Last year I wrote an article about information skills in higher education (no – in UNIPED) and this year I wrote about faculty-library collaboration (en – in Journal of Information Literacy). Gathering the data for these projects and (particularly) working with the editors of these journals has been very instructive and I feel like I have learned a lot. I don`t think I had truly understood the writing process until I started working on this latest article. I hope that I`ll get more chances to do these kinds of projects. I loved it!

I doubt there will be more blog posts before Christmas now, so I`ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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