I`m still here… sort of..

IMG_5113_2It`s been nearly a year since I posted. I was away a lot from work last year (from June), and I am now on maternity leave until September, so.. I am still here, but I haven`t posted anything lately. I have been a little better at keeping my other library blog up to date, and I hope that I`ll be back (hello, Arnold) here soon.

There has been some significant changes while I was (partly) on sick leave and now on maternity leave. We got a new library system in November. It was a huge deal – moving from the command-based Bibsys of the last 30 years or so to the web-based Alma. I participated in the online training, but then it halted while I was away, and I will need to do the whole training all over again when I get back.

The other change was the merger that happened in January. The university colleges in Trondheim, Ålesund and Gjøvik merged with the university in Trondheim, and we are now all NTNU. The coming faculty structure is currently being set and there are many discussions going on about the role of the administration, faculty staff`s rights etc. The merger is already done, but the work will continue for years, I think. It will be exciting to see if I can get some new collaborations going.

I haven`t been able to keep up with the library field lately, but I try to visit Twitter once a day to get a little inspiration. I really missed being at LILAC this year, but seeing as they like to put the conference to the Easter week, it is unlikely that I`ll be going next year either. Too bad. It is my favorite conference. But.. maybe I`ll get to go to ECIL some time..? I hope so. Well, I have a couple of ideas that I long to test, so I hope I`ll get to try them out come September.