Reading tip: “Writing essays by pictures”/ Gröppel-Wegener

picture from an illustration from the book

One of the illustrations from the book, describing different levels of texts and what you can expect to find.

I came across a review of this book earlier this fall, and I asked the acquisitions librarian if she could buy us a copy. It arrived last week, and I just read through it. It was such a fun read! It is a workbook with ideas on how to write essays. It covers the whole process, from harnessing an idea, finding evidence, reading, organising, referencing and structuring your essay. Everything is illustrated and with short tips and snippets of text to help you understand the process. I got some great tips on how to present students with this information, and there were some very nice ideas there on note taking and how to understand and work with the texts. A quick read, but very informative and fun. Two thumbs up!


Gröppel-Wegener, A. (2016). Writing essays by pictures : a workbook. Huddersfield: Innovative Libraries.