Mini spring seminar


Image from “library selfie day”

When we held our annual seminar in December (planning the year to come), we decided that we would also hold a spring seminar in 2017. We have so little time in our busy workdays to get together and really discuss things, so we usually just do a quick discussion with our daily 10 minute “quiz and coffee break”. However, now that we are even busier than normal, with the director out and another on sick leave, it`s important that we get together and discuss things. And on Thursday, we did just that.

Mari and I was in charge of the seminar, and we had put together a program to bring us all a little more up to date on databases, important sites for academic writing, open access (new guidelines and policies for NTNU), the OA archive and a few issues on EndNote. We thought it a good idea to focus on this now that spring is upon us and the students are busy writing their theses.

We got the student assistants to staff the circulation desk, and we had a look at some of the databases first. Some were familiar to all, and some were new. We had a look at basic searching and refining features as well as general content and export features. The databases we had a look at were: Cinahl, Medline, Scopus, Business source complete, Emerald, Technology research database, ACM digital library, IEEE Xplore, SAE digital library, and ScienceDirect.

We looked at the new NTNU site for academic writing, talked about citation styles examples, important Innsida (intraweb) pages for writing etc.

Mari explained to us the new policies for Open Access work and the integration between Cristin and NTNU Open (dspace) archive is supposed to work, as well as what the new policy will mean for the library. It was very interesting.

We finished off by talking about some disparities between the EndNote style for the Harvard citation style and the examples on the academic writing page, and what is being done about it. Finally, we gave ourselves a good pep talk to gear up for the “spring marathon”.

Of course, I know that I work with some really great people, but I am still impressed by their various skills, competencies and passion for what they do. I think we make a pretty good team:) There is always room for improvement, and we are waiting for our team to be complete – and we`re excited about the process to get a new director in place. For now, though, I am feeling confident that our patrons are getting the help and support and service they need to get their jobs done. Whoop, whoop! Here we go!

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