So many articles – so little time

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I always like to start my week by looking through my rss feeds and having a look at some saved items in my reader. Sometimes, that is all I have time for – just registering that there is something interesting there – and then putting it aside for later. Sometimes, I have the opportunity to look through things a little more thoroughly  (=btw, the hardest word I know of to spell correctly in English).

Today was mostly a “look through briefly” kind of morning, but I thought I`d share a few tips here. Maybe that will motivate me to look through more later tonight?

I haven`t read these articles, but I looked at some of the abstracts. Many of them are presentations from Creating Knowledge VIII, a conference that took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2016. The abstracts and (some) papers were published in the latest edition of NORIL.

There were also some presentations from LILAC17 that were held last week in Swansea, UK.

If you are interested in information literacy (who could not be? :), and do not already follow Sheila Webber`s blog, you should consider putting it on your rss feed. Webber updates regularly, and often live blogs from conferences, so it is well worth taking a look at her blog.

Anyway, here are some items on my reading list for this spring: 

From Nordic Journal of Information Literacy 2016 8(1), special issue:

Eriksson, F. (2016) Constructive Alignment as a Means to Establish Information Literacy in the Curriculum.

Webber, S. (2016) Teaching the Next Generation of Information Literacy Educators: Pedagogy and Learning

Head, A. J. (2016) “What Today’s University Students Have Taught Us”

Nierenberg, E. (2016) How Much Do Nursing and Teacher Education Students in Norway Learn about Information Literacy in Their First Months of Higher Education?

Various items from LILAC17:

I would have loved to see this poster:

White, J. & Ball, C. ‘So you didn’t get your Hogwarts letter…’ Engaging muggles in the library experience (poster).

Will be watching Alan Carbery`s LILAC17 keynote, available here:

From ACRL17:

James, H. G. and Gibes, E. A.: Embracing Threshold Concepts: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Framework

DeSanto, D. and Harrington, S. Harnessing the Intersections of Writing and Information Literacy

Grant, R., Haywood, F. and Casper, D. The Proof is in the Worksheets: Tying Library Instruction Assessment to ACRL Information Literacy Standards

Gessner, G. C. , Eldermire, E. ,Tang, N. and Tancheva, K. The Research Lifecycle and the Future of Research Libraries: A Library of Apps

Well, I doubt that I`ll be able to read and watch all of this content this spring, but I will do my best to get through abstracts and bibliographies at least.