Journal of Information Literacy anniversary issue


I`m as happy as this girl right now:) (

One of my favourite academic journals, Journal of Information Literacy (JIL), just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and took the opportunity to publish a special issue (vol 11, issue 1) with lots of great articles from some of the most well-known IL experts in the world.  I have already downloaded several, and I can`t wait to dive into them.

Amongst the authors are some of my absolute favourites, like James Elmborg, Sheila Webber, Bill Johnston, Sharon Markless, David Streatfield, Annamaree Lloyd and Alison J. Head. Even Christine Bruce has co-authored an article. I also had the pleasure of hearing Barbara Fister at LILAC (conference) once, and I can`t wait to read her article. It really is an amazing issue, with all these heavyweights in place.

Thank you, JIL!

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