Happy new year!

fireworks colourbox.comA new year has begun, and so far it has been pretty busy. Both work life and private life is filled with activities, great and small:) I have to admit that I was not very sorry to see 2017 go as it has been a year of many changes and (too) much to do. While I am sure that 2018 will have its own set of challenges I am happy to embark on a new year.

This year, I hope to be able to go to one of my favorite conferences, LILAC. I haven`t been there the last couple of years because the organizers generally tend to place the conference in the Easter week and we spoiled Norwegians have our vacations then:) But I am really excited about (probably) being able to attend this year. LILAC tend to leave me both busting with excitement and energy, ready to jump in and try some of all the fab tips I receive – and totally exhausted at the same time.

I also hope to be able to read a little more, both fiction and non-fiction, this year. I have a big pile of books waiting for me in the office, and I feel sad every time I have to renew them – still unread. 2017 was not a very good year for reading up on job-related things as things got pretty crazy from February and onward. With two people short and one of the staff members on duty being a substitute (she was a champ, though!), it was pretty tough to cope with the endless stream of new tasks to get started on. But now, our new manager is in place and a replacement for the retiree is coming soon – things are looking up!

I am often reminded of how many committed, clever and funny librarians there are when I check my twitter feed, read blogs or attend conferences, and fortunately, I work with many such people. Every day I get to spend my days with smart people who love their jobs. That is what I call being lucky!

Happy new year!

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