New course on writing systematic reviews

In June 2018 I started working on a structure for a course in systematic reviews. It started because some of the PhD students at our Gjøvik campus wanted to have a similar course (on campus) as PhD students and researchers were offered at the library for health and medicine at Øya Campus in Trondheim. I started thinking that we should offer an online course (in Norwegian) as a support for the campus course, giving the participants an opportunity to prepare for the campus course, to revisit some subjects from the course, and to give off-campus students and researchers a place to learn some techniques presented in our campus course without having to come here. The librarian at Øya campus that had developed their course generously shared his slides so that I could see what he had done there.

I needed to prepare this new campus course, and I thought “Why not kill to birds with one stone here?” (thinking about making the campus course and an online version at the same time). I started a blog that I used to structure and added information to the various parts of the campus course, I watched videos and made my own, I read books and used the information to build the new structure. When I started my vacation in July, the structure was in place, and I had figured out a way to move on.

After my vacation, I started to produce more content, and to revise some of my previous content. I added a lot of information and had my colleagues help me look for errors. I sent out an open invitation to libraries that support students in health and social studies, and asked them if they were willing to do an open peer review. In the end, six librarians came onboard and gave me valuable input and feedback. I then spent a couple of months making revisions and producing updated videos etc., and the course was launched in January 2019. I have so far had lots of positive feedback, and I am so thankful for the input everyone has given me. I think the course will run for a while now, and then I’ll do another round of revisions later. Thank you all!

The course can be viewed here:

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