Rebooting teaching

I am thinking about my teaching strategies these days. Well, I often do, and I write about it and read about it, but how often do I actually really renew my own practices? I am guessing.. not often enough. I do really try to shake things up every now and then, and often times I feel like I don’t have to make huge differences to make everything just a little fresher.

I have to admit, though, that one obstacle that keep me from trying a complete reboot is time. Most people I know have to run faster and work more, so this is nothing new. Still, most times when I am going to teach, I have to work very efficiently when I am planning it. Especially during peaks in the semester. I have to make do with trying just a few minor things when I have the time, like using One-minute paper for some classes, pop-quizzes for other classes. It is usually just something I can do to mix things up a little.

I am working on a few things right now, and I am thinking I’ll try to use a few new (new to me) methods or tools this year:

  • Socrative – the space race (quiz competition with teams)
  • Twitter – for example: compose a tweet about what you will remember from this class, and tag me or a friend OR the newest tweet with this class’ hashtag receives a piece of candy (I know, I know.. external motivation)
  • “Peer-review” where the students assess their student partner’s search strategies
  • The Boolean game

..and I think I will try to persuade a few teachers to give their students annoted bibliography as a term paper, and then ask if I can help with the assessment.

I love teaching (most days):). I just need some time to reboot..

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