LOEX 2019

LOEX, originally Library Orientation Exchange (now just LOEX), is a non-profit organisation for information literacy and library instruction. They host an annual conference that moves around in the US. This year it took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I was lucky enough to get a seat at the table. I have wanted to attend LOEX for years, so I am really happy it all dovetailed this year. Thank you LOEX committee, Bibliotekarforbundet (Library Union) and most of all: Thanks to my library manager and good colleagues!

The reason I really wanted to go to LOEX was that it is a conference that is oriented around practice. The goal is to connect librarians and the good ideas and projects they have. While there is something to be said for conferences with a more philosophical approach, I wanted to go somewhere they give you tips and transferrable, concrete ideas – easy to take away and reconfigure for my workplace. And that is exactly what I got! I have been trying now to go through all my tweets and notes to get an overview of everything. I’ll be writing up my notes in the following posts here at this blog. More from the conference can also be found at http://www.loexconference.org/ and by searching Twitter with hashtag #loex2019.

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