Busy as a bee

I like it when I have lots of projects going on (within the bounds of reasons, obviously). This spring has been very busy indeed. I took a course called “Science and the media” that is part of the Master’s programme in journalism at Oslomet (a university in Oslo). I am not doing the whole programme, but I wanted some input and this course seemed very interesting. It was, too. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put some dampers on things for me, seeing as I was unable to participate in class the last week of teaching. I have a higher risk of serious illness from the coronavirus should I contract it, so I couldn’t risk going to Oslo in March. Still – I liked this course. It was very interesting. Good lectures, interesting curriculum. I handed in my term paper, consisting of a reportage on painkillers and opioids, and a reflection paper. All things considered, I was contented with the outcome, and I learned a lot about opioids along the way too. (Scary stuff..)

I had a few very busy weeks in May (like always) and the beginning of June, with e-mails and meetings, and helping students and staff with the finishing touches to their papers and theses. All my tutoring sessions were held online, of course, and while that can be difficult, it also gave us more opportunities. Sharing screens, making sure everyone was heard – that part was a lot easier this way. The students seemed ok with it, too.

Another project that has had me occupied this spring was writing book chapter on my teaching journey. It has been so much fun to write, and it has brought back some memories and ideas that I might not have spent enough time on before etc. It has also been lovely to be able to look at my role in a reflective light and to try to look forward. I have handed in my first draft now, so we’ll see how much rewriting and editing I will have to do during the summer break.

I am also writing on a paper that will become a sort of background for an application for a promotion. I have had feedback on a draft now from a professor who has been through this process before, so I’ll really hunker down now, and spend some time on rewrites some parts there. I hope to get it done and ready to be sent some time this autumn.

Finally, I have been working on an online course for librarians who teach. I have been fortunate enough to have assembled a team of great teaching librarians who will contribute to the building of the course. Little by little, some pieces are coming together now, and I hope we’ll be able to launch in January 2021.

This is my last week working (officially) before a long vacation. For the first time in several years, I will actually have four weeks of continuous vacation. I am used to splitting it up more. It was supposed to be the same this year, but when the borders closed in March, we decided to take no chances, and we cancelled our vacation in Denmark. We’ll be vacationing in Norway this year, and I think that will be ok, too. Probably some trips up to the cabin in the mountains, travelling a little locally and spending some time at home.. it can be really nice. Fingers crossed for nice summer weather.

Stay safe, guys. Have a great summer!

flower with a bee

illustration: colourbox.com