Too much noise on twitter?

One of Norway`s best known social media specialists, Cecilie Staude, wrote on her blog last week that she was starting to get “twitter frustrated”. She said that people keep filling up her stream with useless tweets about everyday things instead of more valuable things. Staude said that it doesn`t matter how many people you follow if none of them are contributing valuable content. She wanted a new, generic twitter strategy, and was now going to unfollow half of her current follows.

I`ve written about this subject before, on my Norwegian blog, but I can`t help but comment again.

Firstly, to me twitter is of course about learning from others and to share my own content. But it is also about general communication and getting to know (sort of) the people I follow and who follow me. Deciding on a joint twitter strategy is not on my list. A strategy means formalising something that should “live freely” and be spontanious. I love that some of the people I follow share good resources, but also that they share something personal. When someone shares something about their lives (work or professional) I feel like I know them a little, and that makes it easier to contact them or comment on something that they shared. For me, I can`t separate my work life from my personal life that well anymore. The line isn`t as visible as it was before. I`m not saying that this is problem free, but I`m saying that it is how it is. That also means that I am a librarian when I`m off duty, but it also means that I am me when I am at work, too.

Secondly, social media needs to be authentic and spontanious. That doesn`t mean that I think one should use it without thinking, but that it`s not supposed to be this strategic, well thought and worked out statement. It loses all its mobility that way.

I take the useful and the not so useful content from twitter with me. I scan quickly through my stream and I`ve learned to accept that I`ll get some things and miss some things. It is the way it works. I don`t need a strategy..