Teaching is important to make good researchers

or so the Chronical of Higher Education say in this article. They are quoting an article to be published in Science in August that found: “Graduate students in the sciences who both teach and conduct research show greater improvement in their research skills than do those who focus exclusively on laboratory work”.

I find that very interesting (though not terribly surprising) as many researchers believe that all that matters is to be doing their research. I do not work in a faculty myself, but from what I understand some teachers feel downgraded because they do not do research. I therefore find it very interesting that researchers are better at doing research if they also teach.

One of the reasons that they become better at doing research, it is suggested, may be that “people who have to explain to someone else how to carry out a task are quicker to develop their own abilities to do that same task”.

So, teaching and research= a match made in heaven it seems. Thanks to the Higher Education group at LinkedIn for great reading tips.

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