Alternatives to Google Reader

female chemistAs I mentioned in my last blogpost, I am really sorry to lose Google Reader. @fakelibstats tweeted: “75% of librarians are still stuck at the 2nd stage of grieving over the loss of Google Reader: anger.” Yup! I`m in that category..

Fortunately, some are better at getting over the loss and have started blogging and tweeting about good alternatives to Google Reader. Phil Bradley is one of them. I`ve had the pleasure to attend his “What Phil has found” session several times on Internet Librarian International so I`m not surprised that he has found alternatives:) Phil has blogged about 20 alternatives here and another 33 alternatives here. I`m going to look into it during the Easter Holidays. I hope (and believe) that at least one of the options will be a decent alternative. (Still angry at you, Google!)

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